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When you reach the prescribed station (Al-meeqat), make Ghusl (a full washing of the whole body) as you do in Janaabat (impurity cause of sexual intercourse or ejaculation etc.) if it is possible.

  1. Use the best perfume you can afford, then afterwards put on your Ihram (the two piece garment –Izar and rida) both white. A woman wears what she has available as long as they do not display her adornments or resemble men’s clothing.
  2. Then, enter the state of Ihraam by saying: “ La-bay-ka Al-laa-hum-ma Umrah ”
  3. Thereafter, recite the Talbeeyah as much as possible. “ Here I am at your service. O lord! Here I am, here I am.  No partner do you have.  Here I am, truly, the praise and the favor is yours, and the dominion.  No partner do you have”
  4. It is n obligation to enter into the state of Ihraam at the prescribed station (al-meeqat). It is not permissible to bypass the designated station of the Ihraam on your route without being in Ihraam or assuming the state of Ihram if you intend to make Hajj or Umrah.

Prohibition of Ihraam:

After assuming the state of Ihraam, the following are prohibited:

  • Remove hair from any part of the body.
  • Cut the finger or toe nails.
  • Apply perfume on your body and clothing.
  • Sexual intercourse. This is the most serious prohibition, because it invalidates hajj in its entirety.
  • It is also prohibited to touch a woman with sexual desire, whether it includes; kissing or fondling.
  • Contract marriages.  A muhrim should not marry nor should he get married to.
  • Wear any sewn clothing (only for the men).
  • Cover the head with anything that is directly touching the head (only for the men).
  • Kill any land game or to assist in hunting or to frighten it from its place of dwelling.
  • Women must not cover the face with veil (niqaab) or burqu’ (drape).  She must not wear (kafazain) gloves on her hands.

Proceed to Makkah in the state of Ihraam:

  • The Talbeeyah should be frequently be recited until the arrival at Makkah.
  • Start circumambulation around the ka’ba.  Refer to the section How to perform Tawaaf.
  • After observing the two rak’ah, then proceed to As-safa and do the sa’ee between As-safa and Al- marwa seven times.
  • The Sa’ee of Umrah, starts with As-safa, and ends at Al-marwa. Descending from Al-safa to Al-marwa is counted as one sa’ee, likewise returning from Al-marwa to As-safa is counted as one sa’ee until you finally end up at Al-marwa on the seventh and final round.
  • Upon completion of Sa’ee, shave or shorten your hair.
  • With that, your ‘Umrah is completed.

If you intend to make hajj, all you have to do is change the wording of your intention at the Meeqaat by saying: “labayka Allaa-humma Hajjan”.  Repeat the talbeeyah as frequently as possible until you have pelted the pillar of Aqaba (the one nearest to Makkah).

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