How to Increase Barakah in Your Life

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Today, people are becoming more and more materialistic. Relationships are turning sour; disharmony in both our personal relationships and at home. It seems that there is not enough time to do anything. Time flies, years go on, and we continuously loose our pace.

We find ourselves complaining of our income, happiness, and ambitions. Almost everyone is complaining about shortage of one thing or another. Ultimately, there is one thing that is clear, whether we like it or not: we don’t have enough time.

Moreover, for some people, the weight of stress is ever consuming. Stress, and internal struggles cause us to loose focus and devotion. Our lack of devotion and concentration, in prayer and salah, cause these challenges to defeat us–even for the most pious.

What is the root cause of these problems? It is precisely our lack of Barakah.

What does it mean to live a blessed life (i.e. filled with Barakah)?

  1. Accomplishing many things in little time
  2. Reaching our goals with fewer resources
  3. Generating a lot of wealth with little effort
  4. Being more happy and more harmonious at home
  5. Being able to pray to Allah with khushu
  6. and others…

So how do we attain it? How do we have more barakah in everything we do? 

This is the heart of our first Islamic mini-course. Each course is completed within a day and here are somethings you will learn:

  1. First, you will learn the meaning of barakah. What it is? How to get it? Where is its sources?
  2. Then, we will look into seven (7) ways to increase your barakah
  3. Lastly, we will end the course with few powers and short tips and as well as misconception.

Right now, register for this class for free and see you on the Inside.

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Estimated Time: 1 hour Course

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Ali Al-Barghouthi Ali Al-Barghouthi Author

Islamic Instructor-Lecturer at Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque, and a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Waterloo & Wildfrid Laurie University.

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