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1. Donate One-Time [By Debit or Credit Card]:
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  • But, if you want to donate monthly, please go to “Donate Monthly” TAB below.
  • If you don’t want to commit donating every month, then consider one-time donation.
  • For example, consider donating $120 one-time (it is like $10/month for 12 months).
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2. Donate Monthly - By Credit Card or Debit [Click Here]
  • Remember: You can cancel anytime, if you choose the monthly payment.
  • Please consider paying monthly, even if it is $100/month or $50/month, or even $10/month. It helps the masjid to pay for services, and it helps you in the day of judgement.

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  • Also consider donating $120 one time (it is basically $10/month for 12 months)
  • Or $60 one-time donation (it is like $5/month for 12 months).
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416-745-2888 X. 225 | Call us if you have any questions. We’ll respond back in 24-48 hours insha’Allah.


[email protected] | Email us if you have any questions. We’ll respond back in 24 hours insha’Allah.  😎


Khalid Mosque | You can also visit our center at: 16 Bethridge Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M9W 1N1.

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