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Its Regulations:

  • The rites of Umrah and Hajj begin by entering into the state of Ihraam.
  • For men it is very apparent as they have a specific garment to wear.
  • It is two clean white unfitted pieces of cloth.  The lower part of the Ihraam is referred to as Izar and the top part as Rida.
  • The shoes/sandals must not cover the ankles (it does not have to be plastic, as stitched leather or other material, sandals or shoes are acceptable).
  • Women are free to wear whatever they wish.  Needless to mention, it should conform to the Islaamic code of dress.  It can be of any color.  Some women insist on wearing white or green.  There is no authentic basis in the Sunnah for this action.
  • Wearing the Ihraam garments does not mean that you are in the state of Ihraam.  The state of Ihraam means to be in a state of ritual consecration.  This normally done at a specific area called the Meeqaat.
  • A pilgrim is in the state of Ihraam ONLY once the Neeyah has been uttered.

Prohibition of Ihraam:

After assuming the state of Ihraam, the following are prohibited:

  • Remove hair from any part of the body.
  • Cut the finger or toe nails.
  • Apply perfume on your body and clothing.
  • Sexual intercourse. This is the most serious prohibition, because it invalidates hajj in its entirety.
  • It is also prohibited to touch a woman with sexual desire, whether it includes; kissing or fondling.
  • Contract marriages.  A muhrim should not marry nor should he get married to.
  • Wear any sewn clothing (only for the men).
  • Cover the head with anything that is directly touching the head (only for the men).
  • Kill any land game or to assist in hunting or to frighten it from its place of dwelling.
  • Women must not cover the face with veil (niqaab) or burqu’ (drape).  She must not wear (kafazain) gloves on her hands.

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