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Credit Goes to Haramain Recording

May Allah reward this channel for making this Makkah Live Channel possible. Jazaka’Allahu Khairan (Thank you).

Makkah is different from other cities because of the followings:

  • One prayer in Masjid Haram in Makkah is better than 100,000 (one hundred thousands) prayers offered in any other mosque, except Masjid Nabawi (the prophet’s mosque), in which one prayer is better than a 1000 prayers offered elsewhere.
  • Makkah is a unique place because it is the place where Hajj & Umrah are done. People do dawaf around the kabah (circle around the kabah).
  • This is where people touch the Black Stone and the Yemeni Corner (Rukn Yamani), and do sai between as-Safa and al-Marwah.
  • Allah, may He be exalted, decreed Makkah to be a sanctuary the day He created the heavens and the earth, which is not the case with Madinah.

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