Use these secrets or strategies to remove worry and grief from the heart. Make this Friday your purification of the soul night.

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“A Motivation for Success Program”

By Shaykh Dr. Ali Al-Barghouthi


It is the nature of this life that we will suffer from worries and stress because this world is full of hardship and sufferings.

Hence, some of the things that differentiates Jannah from this life on earth is that there will be no worry or stress there (May Allah grant us all Jannah… Ameen). [Quran 15:48].

Nothing will ever upset the people of Jannah, not even the slightest word as Allah told us in the Quran. [Quran 56:25-26]

So, in this world, we sometimes feel regret for what has happened int he past, anxious about what may happen in the future, and worried about what is going on in the present.

People’s heart are of two types: either their hearts is the throne of Allah filled with light, life, happiness, and joy; or it is the throne of the shaytan, wherein is distress, darkness, death, worry, grief or anxiety.

There is no doubt that the absence of grief and worry from the hart; and the presence of peace and tranquility in the heart is everyone’s goal.

  • But how do you achieve this goal?
  • What are the ways of leading a Happy life?
  • What are some of the secrets and strategies on how to become a happier person, have more positive outlook in life, and leave sorrow and frustrations behind.

This is the purpose of this one day program. Insha’Allah, we will mention secrets or strategies  to achieve this lofty goal.

Events Details:

  • When: Friday March 30, 2018
  • Time: From Asr to Isha
  • Where: Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque: 16 Bethridge Road, Toronto, Canada, M9W1N1

Don’t forget to invite your family and friends. 

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