Was Islam spread by the sword?

The common image of Islam being spread by an Arab and camel back riding in off the desert with a Quran in and hand and a scimitar (a curved sword) in the other offering a choice of either accepting Islam or losing head.

Then why today is islam the fastest growing religion amongst Americans and Europeans? Where are the swords? Or is it the power of truth?

If it is the truth from God, your Creator, don’t you think you deserve to learn more about it? He is your Creator too.

1. The religion did not spread by the sword. There were military confrontations between the Muslim state and the existing world powers of Rome and Persia. However, the areas conquered were put under Muslim administration and the populations were free to maintain their own beliefs.

Muslims ruled Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon from the 8th century and sizeable Christian communities continued to exist over the past 13 centuries. Muslims ruled Spain for 700 years and India for 1000 years without the vast majority of the population converting to Islaam.

The largest Muslim country in the world today is Indonesia, having over 200 million citizens, never saw a Muslim soldier. Islam spread there and in Malaysia and Philippines by trade. That was also the case of Islam™s spread in West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Chad and Niger. Also, Islam is the fastest growing religion in America today with anywhere between 300 and 500 converts daily. This is taking place without any soldiers or even missionaries.

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