Are you going through tough time? Are you dealing with problems in your life? Are you dealing with fitnah? Do you need advice, then let us help you! 

In life, you need to understand that we will all go through trials and tribulation – All kinds of fitnah.  No one will escape it.  Not a single soul: the fitnah of wealth, the fitnah of doubt, the fitnah of desires, the fitnah of greed, the fitnah of jealousy, the fitnah of suspicious, the fitnah of bieng slandered, the fitnah of the world, the fitnah of shaytan, the fitnah of disunity, the fitnah of poverty, the fitnah of pessimism, etc…

All of us we’ll face the trials and tribulations of this World.  No one will escape it!  Therefore, it is important that you become ready for it.  In this lecture, we will learn:

  1. The definition of Fitnah and its types.
  2. Why are there more fitnah today?
  3. What can we do to protect ourselves from fitnah?

We will discuss important principles in dealing with fitnah that will save you from disastrous outcomes.

Let us help you deal with this problem. Join us this Friday after maqrib for a lecture titled: Are You Dealing With Fitnah? Let this Friday night turn to purification night.  Purify your heart by seeking knowledge.  Invite all your friends and family.

Instructor: Sh. Dr. Ali Al-Barghouthi
When: Sunday December 25, 2016
Time: After Maqrib (5pm to 6pm)
Fee: Free of Charge
Where: Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque
Address: 16 Bethridge Road, Toronto, Canada, M9W1N1

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