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5 Daily Prayers, Friday Prayer, Eid Prayer, Taraweeh Prayer, Tahajjud Prayer, etc…

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Return Air Ticket, all 5 star Hotels, Three Meals per Day, VIP Buses, etc.

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Marriage services, Family Counselling, Youth Services, Student Summer Jobs, etc…

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Volunteer hours for high school, probation hours, School Coops, & for the sake of Allah.

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Janazah Prayer, Washing the body, and Transportation.

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Local events & lectures, Yearly Conferences, Classes, BBQ, Camp, Free Iftar & Suhur, etc…

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How to Increase Barakah Islamic Mini Course:

About the Mini Course:

“Obeying Allah will open up abundance, but eating haram will block the gates of BARAKAH.” Sh. Ali Al-Barghouthi.

  • So how do we attain BARAKAH?
  • How do we have more BARAKAH in everything?
  • What does it mean to live a blessed life filled with BARAKAH?
  • Where does BARAKAH come from, so that we can get more of it?
  • This is the heart of our first Islamic mini-course.

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New Events & Classes:

Shama il Muhammadiyah

Shama il Muhammadiyah By studying Shama il Muhammadiyah by Imam Tirmidy, you will get intimately familiar with the Prophet Mohamed (peace Be Upon Him) and his teachings.You will learn about his: his manners how he lived his personal life his sunnah, and how he looked.... read more

Eid Adha 2017

Eid Adha 2017 Eid is on Thursday August 31 or Friday September 1, 2017. Eid Prayer Location: Embassy Grand Convention Centre 8800 The Gore Road, L6P 0B1 Important Info: Eid Prayer tarts at 9:30am tentatively Come one hour early to avoid traffic hassle Leave Home with... read more

Ramadan 2017 Announcements

Ramadan 2017 Announcements Based upon the confirmed reports that have reached us, the crescent moon was not sighted in different parts of the Muslim worlds. Therefore, Friday may 26, 2017 is the 30th Day of Shaban.  And Saturday May 27, 2017 is the 1st day of Ramadan.... read more
Articles & Blogs:

Virtues of the Day of Arafah

Virtues of the Day of Arafah 1. It is the day on which the religion was perfected & Allah’s Favour was completed: In Al-Saheehayn it was reported from ‘Umar ibn al-Khattaab (may Allaah be pleased with him) that a Jewish man said to him: “O Ameer al-Mu’mineen,... read more

Virtues of the Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah

Virtues of the Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah Praise be to Allaah Who has created Time and has made some times better than others, some months and days and nights better than others, when rewards are multiplied many times, as a mercy towards His slaves. This encourages them... read more
Our Shuyukh & Instructors:

Sh. Bashir Shiil

Imam of Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque, and a director of Somali Islamic social services such as marriage, family counselling, & fatwa.

Sh. Aarij Anwer

Director of Islamic Education at Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque (Toronto, Canada), and an instructor at Bayyinah Institute and Qutoof Academy.

Sh. Ali AlBarghouthi

Islamic Instructor-Lecturer at Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque, and a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Waterloo & Wildfrid Laurie University.

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