Who is Your Creator?

A question to ponder upon for those who reflect o­n the purpose of life, and everything that we are exposed to, the animals, the plants, the sky, the oceans and the mountains, etc. Who created all of these magnificent creations that we are witnessing? Who is responsible for their motion? Who sustains them? O reader, question yourself now and answer it truthfully. Could all of this have been created by man, or an idol, or did it just bring itself into existence? The answer is definitely NO! The reason for this is that all of the things that we are exposed to were themselves created. Therefore, all created things and mankind must have a creator. A Creator Who is unlike and incomparable to anything we can think of, as is revealed in the Quraan “There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing” (42:11).

The o­ne Who deserves to be worshipped Alone, Who rose above the heavens in a manner that befits His Majesty. Allaah, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise, the o­ne Who has given us life and the o­ne Who will take it away, the o­ne Who has given us everything, yet we are still negligent about worshipping Him. The Creator Who has sent us Prophets & Messengers, revelations and has created us with an intellect to think. The ability to know the truth from falsehood, a mind to accept that the Creator is o­ne and has no partner or equal. Why then are we so naive to think that the Supreme Creator of the heavens and the earth exists within an idol? Why do we then say that the Creator has a mother, or has begotten a son? Reflect o­n these statements for a moment and you will see how wrong and unjust you are to the status of your Creator, Allaah, the o­ne Who created the heavens, the earth and all that exists.

Allaah is an Arabic name for the “One True God.” The same God worshipped by Noah, Abraham, David, Jesus, Muhammad and all of the Prophets and Messengers (peace be upon them all).

Allaah is the Creator, the Sustainer and the Organizer of the universe and everything that is within. He is the o­ne and o­nly Deity that has the right and truly deserves to be worshipped. All created things are in need of Allaah for their sustenance, but be fully aware that Allaah is not in need of His creation.

The o­ne Who controls the night & day, the o­ne Who knows everything that is taking place in the universe.

O reader, your Creator is neither a male nor a female, but your Creator is Unique and He is the o­nly o­ne worthy of worship. No o­ne deserves or is worthy of worship except Allaah, our Creator. The o­ne Who has commanded us all to be Muslims.

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