Dear Reader,

Do not delay in becoming a Muslim.  The truth has been presented to you and you are now accountable for what you know about Islam.  We call you to worship the One True God, Your Creator, Allah, the One Who has no partner or equal. The One Who created everything in existence, the One Who has commanded us all to be Muslims and die in a state of Islam. For many people Islam has balanced their lives and given them peace and tranquility in a society that has been torn apart and is in extreme moral decadence.  More importantly, you will be worshiping the Supreme Creator of the heavens, the earth and all that exists.  As Allah revealed in the Quran: “O You who believe!  Fear Allah as He Should Be feared.  And die not except in a state of Islam (as Muslims)”(3:102).

O reader, death can come at any time and you will die in one of two ways, either as a believer (Muslim) and be rewarded with Paradise or a disbeliever and you will be punished in the Fire of Hell.  If you at all care about what happens to you after death, and know that you will die, and die in submission to your Lord, Master and Creator, Allah.

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