Discover the wisdom of Luqman: A perfect program for parents, however, everyone can benefit from the story of Luqman. The story of Luqman is a
well known saga that is mentioned in the Quran.

Although the Quran makes no reference regarding him being as a prophet, however, Allah has granted him enormous wisdom. He was wise enough to the extend that he had an entire chapter named after him.

The following are some of the the words of wisdom of Luqman in the quran:

  • “My dear son, do not eat anything, when your stomach is full; it is better to put food before a dog than to overeat.”
  • “My dear son, don’t delay Taubah (Repentance), for death may take you unaware.”
  • “My dear son, he who tells a lie loses the freshness of face, he who cultivates bad habits will ever remain sad; it is far easier to move huge mountains from one place to another than to reform the ignorant stupid.”
  • “My dear son, don’t be so sweet that people swallow you up, nor so bitter that they spit you out.”
  • “My dear son, if someone comes to you with the complaint that so and so has taken both his eyes and you actually see both his eyes missing, do not form any judgement about the person until you have heard the other side. For, this man might have hit the other person first and taken out four eyes earlier.”
  • and others…

Here is what you will learn:

  • Discover the wisdom of the Quran
  • Lessons and benefits from Surat Luqman
  • Learn the wise sayings of Luqman and learn how to be a better parent and son/daughter
  • Discover how to gain wisdom in your life
  • Discover the connection between the Quran and wisdom

Discover the wisdom of Luqman flyer

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