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STEP ONE: Preparations for adopting Ihraam

  • Clip all nails.
  • Remove the pubic and arm hairs.
  • Do not shave/trim the beard (Men).
  • Perform Ghusl.
  • Apply perfume to the body (Men).


1. At the Meeqaat:

  • Change into Ihraam (2 pieces for men).
  • Say: “Labayk-al-laa Hum-ma Umratan”
  • Recite the Tal-beeyah.

2. Ihraam’s Restrictions:

  • Do not cut the nails.
  • Do not remove any hair.
  • No sewn clothes & footwear below ankle (Men)
  • No perfume.
  • No covering on the head (men only).
  • No carnal desire / relationship.
  • No marriage proposal or ceremony conducted.
  • No clothing restrictions for the female except for the veil & gloves.
  • No hunting, scaring, or chasing of animals.


1. Performance of ‘Umrah

  • Enter the Haram/Masjid according to Sunnah.
  • In Wudu, begin Tawaaf at the Black Stone.
  • Kiss, touch or point hands to the Black Stone.
  • Say: Bis-mil-laahi wal Ham-du Lil-laah.
  • Walk anti-clockwise around the Ka’bah.
  • Walk briskly, expose the right shoulder only in the first three rounds. (Men only)
  • Between Yemeni corner & Black Stone, read: “Rab-banaa Aatenaa Fid-dunyaa Hasanatan wa fil Aakhirate Hasanatan wa Qinaa Azhaa-ban-naar”.
  • Complete seven rounds in this manner.
  • Finish the last round without pointing the hand.
  • Pray 2 rak’ah behind Maqam Ibraaheem.
  • Descend to Zam Zam well and drink of it.

2. Performance of Sa’ee

  • Begin at Safa, recite (Ch. 2: 158) and make Du’ah.
  • Between the two green lights, walk briskly (men only).
  • At Marwah, offer Du’ah.
  • Go to Safa & repeat actions done at Marwah.
  • Complete the 7th rounds at Marwah
  • No specific Du’ah/Zhikr during Sa’ee.
  • Shave/shorten the hair.
  • Now, your ‘Umrah is completed.

STEP FOUR: The Days of Hajj

1. The Day of Tar-wee-yah (8th Zhul-Hijjah)

  • Adopt Ihraam, wherever you are.
  • Read: “La-bayk Al-laa-hum-ma Haj-jah”
  • Recite the Tal-bee-yah.
  • After sunrise, go to Mina.
  • Pray Zhur, ‘Asr, Maghrib, Esha & Fajr shortening without combining, on time.
  • Be constantly in ‘Ebaadah.

2. The Day of ‘Arafah (9th of Zhul-Hijjah)

  • After sunrise, go to Arafah before Zawaal
  • Pray Zhur & ‘Asr combined and shortened with 1 Azaan & 2 Iqaamah.
  • Until sunset, busy oneself in any form of ‘Ebaadah, e.g. Du’ah standing facing the Ka’bah.
  • After sunset, leave ‘Arafah and go to Muzdalifah.

3. The Night at Muzdalifah

  • Upon arrival, offer Maghrib & ‘Eshaa shortened and combined with one Azhaan and two Iqaamah.
  • Pass the nights resting & sleeping.
  • Pray Fajr and offer Du’ah just before sunrise.
  • Do not spend the night in wake and talking.

4. Day of Nahr/Sacrifice -10th Day of Zhul-Hijjah

  • Before sunrise, leave Muzdalifah for Mina.
  • Stone ‘Aqabah with 7 pebbles saying, “Allaahu Akbar” at each throwing.
  • Offer the sacrifice & shave your head (women will shorten their hair).  The order of these actions does not matter.
  • Take a bath, don new apparel, apply perfume and leave for Makkah to perform Tawaaf-ul-Ifaadah & Sa’ee.

5. Days of Tashreeq 11th, 12th,13th of Zhul-Hijjah

  • Waajib to spend the nights of 11th, 12th, & 13th in Mina.
  • After Zawaal on all 3 days, stone all three pillars with seven pebble each, beginning with the small & ending with the large.
  • At each throwing say:  Allaahu Akbar
  • After stoning the small & medium pillar on each day, offer Du’ah facing the Ka’bah.
  • Spend the Days of Mina in ‘Ebaadah.

6. Tawaaf-ul-Wadaa’ should the very last duty before leaving Makkah for home.

7. Congratulations and Hajj Mabroor (May Allah accept your hajj): Taqab-ba-lal-laahu Min-naa wa min-kum

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