A program that discusses and offers solutions to issues that people are suffering from, and problems that they face, such as depression, anxiety, loss of faith, marital discord, the art of dealing with people, etc...
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Solutions to Life’s Most Common Problems!

By Sh. Dr. Ali Albarghouthi

Important [Read Before You Start]:

  • All the Videos Recording Below (after description section)



Check out the titles below:

  • Depression & Anxiety.
  • Marital Discord.
  • Raising Children.
  • Loss of faith.
  • Having an Islamic Idenity.
  • The Art of Dealing with People.

In this program we hope to draw benefits & lessons from their lives to help us improve ourselves.

This program is for all ages: old, young, grandfather, novice, or even well verse.


  • So, don’t miss this opportunity to get an eman boost and attend this life changing event in person.
  • Turn your Fridays into purification night.
  • Come and meet your community who will help you move forward.


    01. Depression & Anxiety
    02. Marital Discord

    03. Raising Children

    04. Loss of faith

    05. Having an Islamic Idenity

    06. The Art of Dealing with People


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