The Muslim Family is facing many challenges today. From choosing the right mate to raising righteous children, it sometimes feels as if the entire world is against us.

Among the disturbing phenomena that many imams and Councillors note is the breakdown of so many Muslim households. Why is this happening? What is the missing ingredient? And most importantly how do we rectify the situation.

In this FREE lecture series, we will learn how to create a happier Muslim household, learn better strategies to solve marital disputes, and develop better relations with our children.  

This FREE lecture series is an essential course for anyone who is looking to get married and starting an islamic home.  It is also for those who wish to improve or rekindle an an existing one.

Course Content:

  1. Choosing your mate: what to look for in a mate, are your expectations realistic, how to have honest conversations with your potential mate, …
  2. How to create a happier family: What brings happiness to our families, how to avoid tension and arguments, how to guide your mate towards the best of this life and the next
  3. Solving marital disputes: learn the strategies that will help you with your family problems, how to change and help your family change, what do you do when there is a problem, …
  4. Raising your child: Strategies and recommendations, how to have a healthier relationship with your children, how to talk to them, how to address their anxieties and answer their questions, …

No registration required.  Just come and join our halaqah at Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque after Isha (or after 7pm).  

Invite all your friends and family!  🙂 

The Muslim Home

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