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When Should One Go?

One should expedite the performance of Hajj and should not delay it once the above mentioned conditions are satisfied.

It is reported on the authority of ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbaas that the Prophet said:
[Expedite the performance of the duty of Hajj.  For nobody knows what may obstruct one]

Once you have met the all the above listed conditions, it is important to perform your Fardh Hajj as soon as possible.  Many people tend to leave this obligation until much later in their life.  It is so much easier and better if one undertakes this journey while one is young and has the health and strength.

Who Should Go?

Allaah does not wish to make things difficult for the Muslims.  Apart from the duty being Fardh (compulsory) only once in a lifetime, there are certain other conditions that have to be met for one to be eligible;

1. To be Muslim
2. To have attained puberty
3. To be of sound mind
4. To have a Mahram (only for the females)
5. To have the financial means*
6. To be physically able*

*If your physical disablement is of a permanent nature, and you have the money, then it is advisable to send somebody to perform the Hajj on your behalf.

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