Who Should Go?

Allaah does not wish to make things difficult for the Muslims.  Apart from the duty being Fardh (compulsory) only once in a lifetime, there are certain other conditions that have to be met for one to be eligible;

1. To be Muslim
2. To have attained puberty
3. To be of sound mind
4. To be free (not a slave)
5. To have the financial means*
6. To be physically able*
7. To have a Mahram (only for the females)

*If your physical disablement is of a permanent nature, and you have the money, then it is advisable to send somebody to perform the Hajj on your behalf.

Jumah 1:30p | Fajr 4:45a | Duhur 1:40p | Asr 5:45p | Maqrib 8:50p | Isha 10:30p