Explanation of Sharh Al-Sunnah

By Imam Al-Muzani – The student of Imam Shafi’i [d. 264 hijri]

Aqeedah refers to those matters which are believed in, with certainly & conviction, in one’s heart & soul. They are not tainted with any doubt and uncertainty. What will you learn in this halaqah?

  • The importance of aqeedah in the life of a Muslim
  • The best way to understand, learn, and teach aqeedah
  • Learn about the controversy behind the writing of this creed
  • Acquire a basic and solid understanding of the major branches of aqeedah in Islam.
  • Some of the topics that will be discussed: the attributes of Allah, the definition of iman and its branches, Qadar (destiny), our position towards the sahabah, our position towards the Muslim leaders, and the connection between creed and actions.

More Important Information:

  • Instructor: Our dear Shaykh Ali Al-Barghouthi
  • Starts on Friday February 24, 2017
  • When: After Isha
  • Who: Everyone – For brothers and sisters
  • How much: FOR FREE
  • Where: Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque 16 Bethridge Road, Toronto, Canada, M9W1N1

Don’t forget to invite all your friends and family.  🙂 

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