The Prophet’s Duas!

Ibn Qayim once said:

  • “I was always surprised by the strength of Ibn Taymiyah.  It amazed me how much strength and Iman he had.” 
  • So, one day he asked Ibn Taymiyah about his ability to do all of this, and the Shaykh said that reading the supplication, duas, and athkar everyday in the morning and the night are what gave him the strength to write, read, teach, and debate to the extent that one time one of his students said that Ibn Taymiyah would sit making athkar from after fajr until close to dhuhr time.
  • Ibn Qayim also asked him if he did this every day.  Ibn Taymiyyah replied that without it, he could not function. 

Dua is the most beloved and greatest act of worship.  In fact, as the prophet peace Be Upon Him said, it is the best form of worship. [Al-Hakim (1/491) & Sahihah # 1579]. Dua is a direct link between man and his lord, and it is a sign of the relationship between them.

Dua is the only act that changes predestination. [Mishkat Masabih #2234]

It also repels a future misfortunes that might befall a person. [Sahihah # 154] and most importantly it is beloved by Allah. You’re invited to Prophet’s Duas by Sh. Aarij Anwer. Come and learn the best duas during Ramadan. In fact the dua before the end of the fast is accepted. 

Program Info:

  • Starting Sunday May 28, 2017
  • Every Sunday after Asr or 6pm
  • At Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque.
  • Address: 16 Bethrdgier Road
  • Toronto, Canada, M9W1N1
  • Free Iftaar

Invite all your family and friends. See you all there.

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